Identity Restoration

Identity Restoration

Identity restoration allows people who are victims of ID theft to be put back into order without stress or worry with only a few clicks away on hand-held devices! With Identity Restorations' easy accessibility from smart phones anywhere any time even while offline; many issues such as credit cards being hacked, having bank accounts frozen due to fraud charges being applied automatically.

Credit Repair of Chicago identity restoration helps members restore their identities by assigning a specialized professional who will provide detailed instructions, and follow-up.

At the customer service counter, you'll find a team of employees who are fully trained to provide general assistance with any issues that may arise. You can request help from these specialists in person or over the phone 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. We also have bilingual staff members available for Spanish-speaking customers as well as hearing impaired services so everyone feels comfortable coming into our store.

Credit Repair of Chicago will identify and close credit card accounts that have been opened in your name. They'll also monitor all other areas, including checking for new loans taken out by the identity thief or any changes to existing credit cards on file.

We will help you file a police report, get the credit frozen and have our experts review any false charges.

With the right help, you can restore your credit in just a few short months. Credit Repair of Chicago has helped thousands and is ready to meet all of your needs too.


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